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Mikrotik Back-It-Up 

Mikrotik Back It Up is the best solution to make backups of your Routerboards. The Software is easy to use and all routerboad login data is stored on a local Database. The Software allows you to make single backups or multiple Backups, the backups is then exported in .backup & .rsc or .rsc(compact) format. The Backup Scheduler allows you to setup mutiple Group schedules for daily, weekly or monthly backups.

Mikrotik B.I.U. (short for Mikrotik Backup-It-Up) features:

  • Securely (SSH,SFTP) backup the settings of ALL of your Mikrotik devices
  • Backup .backup, .rsc or .rsc(compact) you choose.
  • Schedule automatic backups based on your settings daily, weekly or Monthly
  • Allocate Sites, Clients to Groups.
  • Backup all or just one of your devices, you select the Groups to Backup.
  • Upload script & execute to single or multiple RouterBOARDS.
  • Send command line to single or multiple RouterBOARD.
  • Backup RouterBOARD Info with the New Export Tool.
  • With the report tool, all backup logs are mailed to you.
  • Tested with RouterOS v5.x 
  • The Software WORKS! (not like others just hangs)
  • Supported OS (WinXP,WinVista,Win7,Win8)
  • *Mikrotik-Back-It-Up is FREE for non commercial use.
  • *If you have a small network with 10 or less routerboards then Oh Yes IT's FREE.

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